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Group Introduction

Changzhou No.2 Experimental Primary School Education Group was established in 2011, consisting of the core school of Changzhou No.2 Experimental Primary School and the member schools of Changzhou Cuizhu Xincun Primary School, Changzhou Ziyun Primary School and Xinbei Xiangbinghu Primary School. It has 70 classes with 3233 students. Among the 186 teaching staff members, there are 1 provincial special grade teacher, 2 candidates of municipal special grade teacher, 81 teachers having the title of municipal academic leader, core teacher, educational experts, outstanding young teacher or district academic leader and 2 famous teachers’ studio leaders of Changzhou City. More than 150 teachers won first and second prizes in the classroom teaching competitions provincially and nationally.

Since the establishment of the school in 1987, Changzhou No.2 Experimental Primary School has adhered to developing school through scientific research and promoting the quality-oriented education in an all-round way and won a good reputation. Changzhou No.2 Experimental Primary School is an experimental primary school of Jiangsu Province and a model school in Changzhou. In September, 1999, the school joined the research community of “New Basic Education”. In 2004, the school became one of the 11 research base schools nationwide. In 2012, the school became cooperative research school of the “Life & Practice” education. More than 10 years’ research on “New Basic Education” provided the school with the “New” standpoint of life concern, the “New” thinking of integration and flexibility, the “New” practice of creativity and the “New” state of dealing with people and affairs.

“New Bamboo Service Company” an educational base for life experience of young pioneers and “Colorful Childhood” a series of activities with integrated framework set up by the school were rated as provincial culture brand projects. The Kids’ Channel of China Central Television (CCTV), China Education Daily and Xinhua Daily have reported the activities of “New Bamboo Service Company”. Original secretaries of the Central Committee of China Youth League Zhao Yong and Zhang Xiaolan used to inspect our school successively and sang high praise of our achievements of experiential education. Truly realize the education expectation of letting the image of sound in character and strong in body become the most beautiful scenery in school and letting this image become the most vivid brand of the school in society.

Now, the school is working hard to build it into a new type of dynamic, open school with full of vigor in the 21st century.

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